I’m In My 40s And As Strong As Ever. Here’s Why

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Hitting my mid-40s has been rewarding – my family is wonderful, my job is great – but it’s had one major drawback: I’m definitely not the man I once was. I feel my energy zapping more and more as the weeks go by — treadmill time during my gym sessions absolutely exhausts me, as does keeping up with my kids on the playground. I’m even getting that telltale “beer belly,” which was never there in my 20s and 30s. Would I ever get back into my old routines (and old body) without feeling exhausted or utterly defeated the next day?

I tried a bunch of powders and men’s formulas to get my strength and energy back, but they didn’t do much. I knew I needed a formula that worked and would actually support the energy levels I once had. That’s why I chose Nugenix.

Yes, I’m talking about the same Nugenix endorsed by baseball legend Frank Thomas. Seeing The Big Hurt rave about Nugenix piqued my interest. Nugenix stood apart because of its patented formula with Testofen®, shown to boost the testosterone that builds strength and supports vitality. 

Nugenix won GNC’s 2017 Product of the Year award, and it’s been their top-seller since then. The Nugenix reviews I found online explained this enthusiasm: People in their 40s (and even older!) raved about how they were back to feeling great after a workout — and playing soccer with their kids —  after trying Nugenix!

With all these great things going for it, I decided to get on board with Nugenix. But I wanted to try before I committed to yet another supplement. Thankfully, Nugenix offers a 14-day sample, and I claimed mine as soon as I could. 

Nugenix lived up to its promise: this regimen brought out that old me after about 10 days taking the supplement. I noticed that I wasn’t feeling nearly as worn out as I used to — no more crashing after cardio or telling my disappointed kids that I’m too tired to play another round of tag.

I’ll tell you – I haven’t felt this good in years. Nugenix continues to push me forward, and you too can experience this renewed power. Head to Nugenix’s website to claim your sample and reawaken your strongest self!

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