Four Small Christmas Gathering Ideas

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Some people might want to have a small and simple Christmas this year, but keeping it small doesn’t have to mean boring. There are countless activities you can enjoy with just one or two people at your home or with a small virtual group – here are just four of these many small Christmas gathering ideas.

1. Christmas movie marathon

If you’re bored, restless, or just want to do something fun with your loved ones, you can always count on binge-watching holiday movie marathons with a small Christmas crowd. In fact, every winter, television channels and streaming services broadcast a plethora of classic and newly released Christmas movies – you’d be surprised how many holiday movies you can find. ANd since holiday movies run the gamut from horror movies to more light-hearted, family-friendly movies, you can easily find a Christmas movie that’s perfect for your whole (small) crowd.

2. Christmas game night

As an alternative to movie night, you can enjoy some snacks and drinks while playing a fun game with your closest loved ones at your small Christmas gathering. If you can’t be near your loved ones, having a virtual game night can be just as entertaining. 

You can play multiple fun games, including Christmas party games, whether you go in-person or virtual. For games that teach you more about your loved ones, you can play a “find out who” trivia game with just a list of questions, and you can ask Christmas or other holiday-related questions too. If you want to test your Christmas movie knowledge, play a movie trivia game by asking players about scenes and details from a holiday movie. 

This brings up another fun small Christmas idea: Try mixing your Christmas movie marathon and Christmas game night. If your crowd is entirely of legal drinking age, enjoy some spiked eggnog in a drinking game while watching some holiday movies or playing Christmas movie trivia. For example, you can set a rule to drink an eggnog shot every time something occurs in a movie. To raise the stakes, give your Christmas game night winners special holiday presents.

3. Virtual family dinner

You can gather your loved ones by planning an enjoyable holiday virtual family dinner. Add some holiday and togetherness with themes, and decorate to get holiday-ready for your virtual dinner with garlands, string lights, wreaths, or a Christmas tree. 

Having a virtual family dinner allows your guests to eat whatever they want, not just what you would normally serve. On the other hand, you can make your dinner especially fun by telling your guests that you want a menu, themed food, or foods that all share an ingredient. You can also take your virtual family dinner up a notch by tying it to the previously mentioned movie marathon or virtual game ideas. 

4. Virtual Secret Santa 

Keep the gift-giving spirit intact from a distance with a virtual Secret Santa game. Several websites make gift swapping easy for the holidays while offering games and settings for gift rules and purchasing. They can also help with shipping gifts and drawing participants’ names. And as with the other small Christmas gathering ideas on this list, you can play virtual Secret Santa during a virtual family dinner, virtual game night, or virtual movie night to make your small holiday gathering extra special.

What are your favorite small Christmas gathering activities? Sound off in the comments!

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