Get Actual Proper Sleep To Revive Your Former Self

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Some Real Talk for Sleepless Adults … About Stress, Energy, Sluggishness, and Overall Health

Many people started taking an exciting new step to – for the first time in ages – achieve fully restorative sleep and revive their most energetic, focused selves.

The challenge with getting good sleep is that, as life demands more of you, it becomes tougher to de-stress and feel calm. 

Work, social life, family, eating well, exercising, parenting – life’s stimuli and fast pace can easily keep you up at night. These stimuli and stressors can lead to racing thoughts and an increased heart rate, both of which make sleep more challenging.

Then, in a cycle that adds insult to injury, your poor sleep exacerbates your stress.

The good news is that you’re not alone – and you can do something about it.

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Poor Sleep Happens To Lots Of People. Here’s Why

Sleep quality usually declines with time. The more stressors in your life, the less sleep you get. And getting older means taking on more responsibility, which in turn means more stressors.

For example, Americans report, on average, five to seven days per month of low-quality sleep due to job stress. Additionally, one-third of American adults experience sleep deprivation.

If you have more than a job – say, a partner, kids, and an active social life – you’re dealing with additional stressors too. Good stressors, but still stressors.

If your body can reduce these stimuli, you can theoretically get better sleep. The safest way to make that happen is with natural ingredients, not drugs or lab-made ingredients. 

Right now, though, drugs and lab-made ingredients dominate the sleep medicine market.

Why Current Sleep Solutions Don’t Solve The Problem

Think about your recent drugstore trip to find a sleep aid.

You probably came home with over-the-counter medications. These are “quick fix” solutions that might help you get one night of sleep.

But that’s all they do. 

With OTC sleep meds, your sleep quality will be poor. You’ll be groggy and tired the next day. You might also struggle to focus.

Poor sleep quality isn’t the only issue. Dependency can occur.

If you take sleep drugs, you may struggle to fall asleep without your medicine.

To avoid dependence while easily falling asleep and getting high-quality sleep, you need a solution that prioritizes not just sleep initiation, but your entire sleep cycle.

Natural supplements with clinically-backed ingredients check all these boxes. 

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How to Sleep Well and Feel Rejuvenated

Reducing external stimuli, called excitatory stimuli, can have a significant and positive impact for adults who struggle to fall or stay asleep.

People who feel calmer before sleep typically fall asleep more easily. 

With the right supplements, sleep initiation is only the start. A full night of high-quality sleep is possible. 

The good news is that there’s a natural, science-backed supplement that focuses on all stages of sleep without building dependency. It’s a line of supplements developed by medical advisors including biochemistry, nutrition, naturopathic, integrative, and sleep experts.

It’s called Proper, and it’s helping countless people fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up every day feeling well-rested and ready to tackle their days.

Several key ingredients in Proper help the body achieve healthy sleep. One key ingredient is plant-based Sensoril® ashwagandha, which clinical research has shown to decrease your body’s levels of the stress hormones cortisol and malondialdehyde (MDA).

Another key ingredient is GABA, a chemical naturally occurring in the body that’s known to reduce neuron excitability and promote calmness. Proper also has valerian root, which works with GABA to decrease excitatory stimuli. 

The final key ingredient in Proper is the herb extract Venetron®. Research has shown this ingredient to increase delta waves, which are associated with deep sleep. Venetron can also enhance your time spent in non-REM sleep, during which your body repairs tissue while fortifying the immune, skeletal, and muscular systems.

Right now, Proper is offering its Discovery Pack – five of its supplements, with enough of each for five nights – for just $39.99 to people who want to sample each one to find the one that works best.

If you subscribe (pause/cancel anytime), you’ll get a special offer of 10% off every shipment alongside free shipping and a free sleep coaching session (a $65 value).

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