Five Tips for Using Pools in Your Area

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With record temperatures abounding this summer, you might be desperate to dive into a pool to cool off. However, there are some tips you need to know to keep yourself safe and others unbothered. Even if you think you know some pool basics, there are some unspoken rules that you might be missing. Here are five tips for what to keep in mind depending on what kind of pool you go to.

1. If you’re using the community pool

If you’re using a community pool, get to know the pool’s general rules. Proper grooming is essential, such as showering and trimming your nails properly before a swim. There’s also a need for basic common courtesy. Yes, many people think they can get away with peeing in the pool, but you should let that guilt sink in. Don’t be that person who thinks they’re an exception to the rule. 

2. If you’re using the pool in your apartment building

In apartment complex pools, it’s key to be considerate at all times. People at your apartment building’s pool will appreciate it if you avoid splashing. That’s because chlorinated water in your eyes or nose can be not only gross but also painful – nobody wants a dirty splash during a poolside read. If you’ve brought drinks and snacks to the pool, take your trash with you when you leave. Additionally, if you need to pass someone in the pool, lightly tap them

3. If you’re using a friend’s pool

The treated water in your friend’s pool isn’t inherently dirty. In fact, this summer season, a backyard pool will be one of the cleanest places to take a dip or have a poolside date. That said, all rules for cleanliness and courtesy still apply – remember, these are your friends, so if your behavior causes any danger, you could seriously affect your relationship.

4. If you’re using the pool at the gym

If you’re planning to visit the lap swimming pool at the gym, you should stay in your lane. If there’s an empty lane, stick with it. If not, be kind and polite to other swimmers who are sharing your lane. 

It’s best to let faster swimmers keep to designated lanes to avoid flip-turn collisions. Use the lane to create an elongated oval where you and other swimmers can follow a clockwise or counterclockwise motion. 

If you’re a slower swimmer, let other swimmers pass when they tap your foot politely. To avoid clashing in the lanes occupied by several swimmers, you can wait until you’ve reached the end of a lane to rest and avoid wide strokes. Remember, everyone is here to exercise and have a good time – a little respect goes a long way!

5. If you’re using your own private pool 

Don’t think all rules are off the table just because you’re swimming in your own private pool or inviting others for a swim as a host. You’ll be the one responsible for your pool’s maintenance and the safety of your guests, so make sure to set up some basic safety rules. That said, be cool when enforcing the rules so you don’t anger your friends. You should also make sure that someone in your party is an adept swimmer or trained in CPR in case of an emergency.

Do you have any pool questions or pool tips? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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