How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee Every Time

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Too bitter? Too weak? Not hot enough? You might need some help making coffee. It’s easier said than done, but there are several factors that go into making a coffee that reaches your idea of perfection. Here’s how to make that perfect cup of coffee every morning to start your day off just right.

Stay engaged

Mind your timing. The right pot of coffee gets brewed for the right amount of time. When coffee beans are over-brewed, they begin to emit a foul, acidic taste. Stay engaged to notice these shifts. Focus on keeping your coffee at the right temperature for the right amount of time.

Never boil

Coffee grounds should never be boiled. The perfect temperature for a pot of coffee is just about 200 degrees Fahrenheit, about 93 degrees Celsius. Be careful, though, as brewing your coffee too cold can give you a sharp, bitter taste.

Use the right water

The quality of your cup of coffee will partially come from the water you use, first. Today, there are all kinds of different styles of water available. Try making your morning cup of joe using water with a high pH balance that’s electrolyte-enriched or mineral.

Ask for your coffee beans’ age

The best cup of coffee comes from the best roast. If possible, ask your bean supplier how long ago your beans got roasted. Roasted coffee beans are at their optimal freshness within five days of being roasted. Their quality will plateau for about a month or so before beginning to taste old.

Know your brewing methods

Do you prefer your brew lighter and brighter or rich, dark, and heavy? How you brew your coffee can give you two seriously different tasting cups. A pour-through filter will provide you with a more acidic, tangy cup of coffee. On the other hand, a French press will steep your coffee, creating a much more heavily caffeinated and full-bodied taste.

Measure, then freestyle

The supposed ideal ratio of grounds to water for a good cup of coffee is two tablespoons of coffee to six ounces of water. As they say, though, perfection can get boring. Try using more coffee grounds or less in your brew to see how you like the taste and feel. Measure out those freshly ground beans and deviate from the norm to create a cup that’s just for you!

Stay fresh

The fresher your beans are, the better they’ll taste. Buy the freshest coffee beans you can buy, and keep them fresh by storing them in sealed containers. Glass canning jars are best for keeping coffee fresh longer, but glass or plastic containers will do the trick. Be sure to keep your beans at room temperature.

Cheap filters

Try your best to avoid cheap filters if you prefer a pour-over or drip-style cup of coffee. Oxygen bleached filters or gold-plated filters can help you dodge the nasty paper taste left behind by cheap coffee filters.

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