Rock Climbing Gyms: Who Are They Best For, And Are They Worth It?

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Rock climbing is a great way to get exercise in an enjoyable and exciting way, but what if you don’t live near any great climbing spots? Or what if you’re just beginning and need help learning to climb safely? Since indoor rock climbing gyms are set to stay hugely popular in 2022, read on below to find out if a rock climbing gym is the best option for you.

Who are they best for?

Rock climbing gyms are the perfect environment for beginner and intermediate rock climbers, especially since there are often classes and private lessons available for those new to the sport. The rock climbing community is generally very friendly and helpful to those who are trying to get started.

Experienced rock climbers will often find that they’d rather climb outside than in the controlled environment of a gym. A climbing membership can still be worth it, however. Experienced rock climbers who live in a large city away from outdoor climbing areas, as well as climbers who are interested in teaching others and helping new climbers, may benefit from a membership.

Average cost

Most rock climbing gyms offer a daily pass, as well as monthly or yearly memberships. Daily passes are typically between $10 and $20, while monthly and yearly memberships are usually $40 to $80 per month. Try getting the daily pass a few times to make sure you like the gym before choosing to commit to a membership.

Common Features

Climbing classes

Climbing classes are one of the best resources you’ll have as a member of a climbing gym. These classes are taught by certified professionals who will teach you the proper way to do things so you don’t have to figure it out on your own and risk being injured.

Regular gym equipment

Many rock climbing gyms also have a large selection of regular gym equipment. While climbing itself is great exercise, cross-training can be helpful, and it’s nice to have other options. If you already have another gym membership and are looking to join a climbing gym, consider canceling your other membership and putting the money towards a climbing gym membership if you’ll have regular fitness equipment there as well.

Courses for all skill levels

While some rock climbing gyms are made specifically for beginners or advanced rock climbers, most gyms have options for all skill levels. Most rock walls will have different colored handholds to signify which paths are best for beginner, intermediate, or advanced climbers.

Safety equipment 

Possibly the most important feature of a rock climbing gym as opposed to climbing outdoors is that all necessary safety equipment is provided for you. Climbing gyms often sell or rent harnesses, helmets, and other protective equipment and use an auto-belay system to lower you to the ground slowly in case of a fall.

Are they worth it?

Climbing gyms are a great option for beginners or experienced rock climbers, whether outdoor climbing locations are available nearby or not. Whether you want to be able to escape the weather and climb indoors, compete in races and climbing events, or just join a community of people who share a love of rock climbing, your local climbing gym is the place for you!

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