5 Ways A NutriSense Continuous Glucose Monitoring (GCM) Program Can Help With Weight Loss

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No one fad diet is the right way to shed a few extra pounds – in fact, it may not help at all. To live a healthier lifestyle, it’s most important to understand precisely how nutrition, exercise, and sleep impact your daily life. The NutriSense Continuous Glucose Monitoring (GCM) program helps you collect and understand the data that can unlock your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Here’s how it helps.

1. It helps you understand your blood glucose levels

If you feel like you hit a wall as soon as you wake up or in the early afternoon, you may think it’s because you didn’t sleep well. Have you ever considered that it could be your blood glucose levels? A sudden spike in your blood sugar can trigger that sluggish feeling, even if you’ve only been awake a few hours. 

Every time you eat food, your body releases insulin. Most of the time, your body will metabolize the sugar in your body and store only a little fat. However, if you’re eating highly-processed foods, your body has a tougher time metabolizing your sugar. This causes more fat storage and a higher glucose reading. By knowing your glucose levels, you can see which foods affect your body in the best and worst ways. 

For example, if you enjoy eating sugary cereals for breakfast, how do you feel in the early afternoon? If you’re feeling sluggish1, there’s a chance you have high blood glucose. You may want to try adding a protein into your breakfast such as eggs, oats, or greek yogurt. 

2. You can better understand what to eat

All the diet “wisdom” out there may make you think that carbohydrates like fiber should be avoided at all costs, but they’re important for a healthy diet. Adding more fiber-dense foods into your meals can help reduce blood sugar’s impact on your body2. This is because your body can’t break down fiber as quickly as other food groups, resulting in a smaller spike in blood sugar that can contribute to weight gain. Insights like these are crucial to living a healthier lifestyle, and through insights from the GCM, you’ll know precisely which foods impact your body in which ways.

3. It helps you understand your sleep quality

Sleep is one of the best ways to relax your mind3 and relieve a day’s worth of stress. However, not enough sleep has the opposite effect. While it is true that everyone becomes stressed at some point, too much stress can contribute to factors that make you more at risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, and yes, weight gain. 

Too much stress can cause your adrenal glands to release cortisol and adrenaline, putting your body in a “fight or flight” zone. Because you’re getting that quick bit of energy in your bloodstream, the first thing you’re likely to crave is sugar. While a little sugar is okay, if you continually eat sugar when you’re stressed, your body will begin to store it as fat – and that can impede any weight loss efforts you’re trying to tackle. 

Like many of us, you might not know if you’re getting quality sleep. This is where the GCM comes in. This monitor helps assess your sleep quality so you can best understand how sleep quality affects your overall wellness, including your weight.

4. You can learn how exercise affects your lifestyle

Exercise is an essential component to leading a healthier lifestyle4, especially if you’re eating right and watching your sugar intake. And it doesn’t take hours in the gym every day to get there: Even short bursts of activity can be of great help. You can skip the heavy weightlifting and running sprints and just go for a walk – it’s heart healthy, can help manage your stress, and yes, it burns calories, too. 

5. It connects you to a registered dietitian

All this information is great – but what’s important is what you do with it. NutriSense pairs you with a registered dietitian that will help you make sense of your readings. Your dedicated dietician helps keep you on track and encourages you each step along the way.

Get started with the NutriSense CGM program today!

If you’re still struggling to lose those last few pounds, the NutriSense CGM program can help. NutriSense makes it easy to get started – just complete some questionnaires, wait for your CGM to arrive in the mail, and set it all up. The data tracked around the clock will help you understand your body and help you make the right, sustainable changes to support your health. Get started today – your body will thank you later!

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