I’m Finally Getting What I Want With My Fitness Journey. Here’s How.

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If you had met me 10 years ago, you would’ve seen a completely different person than who I was about a year ago. A decade ago, I was running three times a week and taking weekly swim classes. I felt like I had a ton of energy. Everything changed once I had kids – and by the time I reached 40 last year, I was struggling to keep up with them. From running around in the park to playing tag, I was breathless within a few minutes. 

I never want to miss out on bonding experiences with my kids, so I went looking for ways to make a change. I tried filling up on carbs in hopes that they’d give me an extra boost of energy, but instead, after these big meals, I’d totally crash and feel worse than before (later I found out this was due to blood glucose spikes). Doctors and blood tests didn’t help me, and neither did fad diets or all the articles I read from mainstream medical sources. I felt utterly defeated until I discovered NutriSense last year. 

With NutriSense, I get a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that works in real-time! Instead of waiting for a doctor’s visit, I can check my glucose levels whenever, wherever I want. My CGM is with me everywhere all the time – I can check it if I feel a bit light-headed when I’m out and about with my kids. The real game-changer, though, is that NutriSense helped me understand my readings by pairing me with a registered dietitian.

Via the NutriSense app, Carlos, my dietitian, took my numbers from my monitor and helped me create a workout routine and diet plan. He even figured out when and where I’m the most stressed based on my readings. With this knowledge, he and I discussed some helpful ways I can manage my stress better. Now, simple tasks like taking a short walk after a meal or avoiding snacking before bed are part of my daily routine.

Sure, this all might sound like an identity change, but it’s all been so easy. Carlos understood that all of this would be new; that’s why he created my new plan as a gradual shift, not an immediate jumpstart. He was there for me 24/7 too. Whenever I was struggling, he would be the first to come to my aid and help me get back on track. My favorite part was that, once I started seeing and feeling significant changes, Carlos would legit celebrate with me – it really felt like we were a team. Of course I kept going!

When I previously tried new diets, I would always give up within a couple of months. They were always so restrictive and annoying to follow – I would feel trapped. But with NutriSense, I’ve been going strong for a full year. I’ve learned that I don’t need to cut out carbohydrates entirely! I just need to make sure I’m eating the right ones and pairing them alongside lean proteins and healthy fats – NutriSense has helped me to make sure I’m doing this. I no longer consider myself to be following a “diet”. I’ve just found a lifestyle that fits my body’s needs – if anything, I’ve found more freedom in my food choices with NutriSense. Best of all, I can finally win when my kids challenge me to a race – I have to humble them while they’re young, right? 

I feel entirely like my younger self again, and I have to give all the credit to NutriSense. And if you’re ready to feel like your best self too and get on a plan that actually works, getting started with NutriSense is super easy! Just answer a few short questions, wait for your CGM monitor in the mail, and then set it up. Sign up now for the transformation of a lifetime – you’ll question why you even tried mainstream fad diets in the first place. 

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