4 Spring 2022 Exercise Trends to Keep You Active

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It’s now the middle of spring and starting to warm up in most parts of the U.S., so you might be thinking of getting outside and getting in shape for what’ll hopefully be the first normal summer since the beginning of the pandemic. Exercise looked a lot different over the course of the last few years, with many people being cooped up at home and unable to go to the gym, so read on below to see how fitness is evolving and what’s trending so far in 2022.

Fitness mixed with recreation

One trend rising quickly in 2022 is sports and other recreation becoming a primary source of fitness for many people. Running or lifting weights isn’t the right workout for everyone, and playing a sport or participating in an outdoor activity that keeps you active can be a great way to stay fit while enjoying yourself.

Pickleball is one of the top recreation and fitness trends in 2022, and it’s one of the largest sports worldwide. Search near you to see if any local gyms or rec centers have pickleball courts or leagues.

A focus on all-around wellness

In recent years, fitness trends have shifted more and more toward overall well-being and away from specific body standards and fitness goals. Fitness trends in 2022 are centered around pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle instead of just working out for short bursts to maintain a certain physique. For many people, small workouts throughout the day are taking the place of a long morning or evening workout session.

Just as important as your physical health is your mental health, and the world of fitness is discovering great ways to improve both simultaneously in 2022. Yoga and meditation classes are becoming increasingly common offerings at gyms and fitness centers across the world, and these exercises have gone from a niche activity to a central part of physical fitness for many.

Audio fitness

While many people are getting back into a physical gym, some might want to take it slower and continue to socially distance for a while. Virtual fitness coaching became popular during the pandemic and seems to be continuing to grow so far in 2022.

With the popularity of Bluetooth headphones these days, it’s easy to work out with a personal trainer or pre-recorded workout plan guiding you in your ears. Whether inside or outside, audio fitness training might be a big trend in 2022’s fitness spaces.

New fitness gadgets

There has been a slew of new inventions in the fitness space over the last few years. From versatile in-home workout machines to the ever-growing array of wearable fitness tech, high-tech fitness is something to look out for in 2022.

While attending a gym is still a great option, new equipment continues to be released that makes it easier to have a full-body workout from the comfort of your home. Check out some of the best new fitness technology to see if you can find something that’ll add value to your workouts.

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