It’s National Pizza Month! Here’s How to Celebrate

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October is here, and that means it’s time to celebrate one of the world’s favorite foods – pizza! National Pizza Month is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your favorite local pizzeria or homemade pie, try out new flavors, and pay homage to this beloved dish. Here are five fantastic ways to celebrate National Pizza Month this year.

Build-your-own pizza party

Throwing a pizza party is naturally the best way to celebrate National Pizza Month, but you could do that any time of the year. To spice things up and make your Pizza Month party interesting, if you have enough kitchen space, try creating a build-your-own pizza buffet.

Start by preparing a huge batch of the perfect pizza dough, making enough for you and your guests to each have a nine- to 10-inch pizza. You can roll or toss out dough beforehand if you’d like to make the process quick and easy, or if you have a smaller group, you can let everyone form their own crusts from balls of dough. Set out cheese, sauce, and your toppings of choice, or invite your guests to bring their favorite topping to share. For bonus points, include extra sauce options like barbecue or alfredo sauce.

Explore a local pizzeria

While chain pizza places have their merits, National Pizza Month is the perfect time to support a local pizzeria. With Google Maps or your food delivery service of choice, narrow the search to “pizza” and pick a place nearby with good reviews. When you’re there, ask the staff what they’d recommend and if the restaurant has any signature pizza flavors; you might just find your new favorite combination.

Don’t hesitate to share your finds on social media, helping a local business gain more recognition. A whole month dedicated to pizza gives you all the time you need to explore multiple local places if you want!

Try creative pizza recipes

Approximately three billion pizzas are sold in the United States every year, so the average American eats approximately 46 slices yearly, meaning it’s likely you eat pizza all throughout the year and not just during pizza month. Are most of your pizzas simple pepperoni or cheese? Try getting creative in the kitchen or with your pizza order this month to celebrate with a unique experience. 

Try mixing up your pizza game with an unusual sauce, cheese, or topping option. One fun twist is to mash up a taste of Italy with another cultural food. For example, with a spicy peanut sauce, shredded carrots, cilantro, and chicken, you can make a Thai chicken pizza. Or with salsa for sauce, cheddar cheese, and any of your favorite taco filling, you can make a Mexican-inspired taco pizza.

Make some quick pizza-inspired meals

If you’re too busy to go all-out on homemade pizza or spend time exploring new local restaurants, you can celebrate National Pizza Month by adding some pizza-inspired flair to your favorite quick meals. Try making a grilled cheese with mozzarella and pepperoni and dipping it in sauce, making a quick pizza on a sliced bagel, or just adding sauce, cheese, and pepperoni to the top of your favorite crackers.