These 10 Habits Are the Secrets to a Long Happy Life

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Some experts say that happiness is the reality you create for yourself. Others opine that external forces and conditions play a significant role in how happy or despondent an individual becomes. Interestingly, happiness is attainable by following some specific, yet practical steps.

These steps transmute into habits, which brings a sense of fulfillment and pride on you. Get ready to get happy!

  1. Drink a lot of water. Every day! All day! Staying hydrated means that one’s energy is sustained throughout the day. 
  2. Create a routine and follow it. It helps to start and end your days with a plan of activities, goals, and objectives for the course of your day. Achieving a little, some or all items on your list will make you a happier person.
  3. Drink supercharged smoothies. These drinks are absorbed quickly by the body and boost your energy, leading to increased confidence and guess what…happiness! You might actually decide to try your luck with spirulina powder, which happens to be a superfood packed with enough omega fatty acids and protein.
  4. Take time out to take stock of your life. Note the things that work in your life and the things that you should discard.
  5. Have healthy and happy meals at the tip of your fingers. This method of creating a list of wholesome meals makes it easy for you to resist the temptation to bing, staying focused on your dietary plans. In the end, a healthier, well-nourished you is a happier you!
  6. Define your style and stick to it. And this approach encompasses your clothing style, your design style, or just how you like to live your life. Your clothes should serve as an accessory to your sense of worth and not dictate terms. Overall, knowing what you want, what works on your body, and your favorite ways to pair the pieces you own simplifies your daily routine and makes getting ready for any occasion way more fun.
  7. Make healthy food work for you. Who says that you must follow any rules when it comes to the right meals? You can exercise control and decide to make your vegetables taste better by putting stir-fried onions. Or you could opt for having roasted herbs in your veggies. Learn a few tips and tweaks, and you can eat healthily and stay happy doing it.
  8. X-ray your commitments. It is OKAY to say no; that you can’t go to that party, attend a wedding, or hit the clubs. Do things, not from a place of pressure but because you genuinely find value and fulfilment in doing them.
  9. Where does the negative vibe come from? Pick holes in negative assumptions you make about yourself. Conversely, try to note areas you did well in any situation and see failures as opportunities to begin afresh, howbeit more intelligently.
  10. Cut down on your salt consumption. It adds years to life, and you will be amazed at the different flavors other ingredients give to your meals. Turmeric, red pepper flakes, rosemary, cumin and other such herbs are great places to start.

3 thoughts on “These 10 Habits Are the Secrets to a Long Happy Life

  • September 3, 2018 at 11:05 am

    I’ll try hard to surround myself with this, I do want all that happiness and longevity.

  • August 22, 2018 at 8:30 am

    I’ll try them out and hopefully my family will be just as excited to follow my example.


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