7 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 20, and if you haven’t planned anything, you still have some time to make the holiday special. That said, when you go to look at Father’s Day ideas, you might feel like there are either too few or too many celebration options. If you need suggestions on what you should do, below, find seven ways to celebrate Father’s Day.

1. Go to a beer or wine tasting

If your dad is a beer aficionado or a wine lover, you can celebrate Father’s Day by taking him to a tasting event. Make his day by toasting him at the event, and make sure to bring home some of his favorite bottles so he can remember the day. 

2. Go to a car show

Many dads love feeling nostalgic looking at classic cars, so why not take yours to a car show for Father’s Day? If your dad is a car expert, he can talk to classic car owners about how they’ve modified their cars. Some towns have been having socially distant car parades to keep people safe and entertained. To find a local car show, check your local newspaper, social media pages, and event management websites that show nearby meetups.

3. Give him breakfast in bed

Cook for your dad and give him breakfast in bed for Father’s Day. You can make some delicious waffles and brew some coffee for your dad so he can start Father’s Day off right. You can even make him a smoothie for a nutritious morning boost or surprise him with delivery from his favorite nearby restaurant.

4. Play nostalgic video games

If your father was a gamer in the ‘80s or ‘90s, play some of his favorite classic video games for Father’s Day. You and your dad can have fun playing Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, or even Tetris together. If some young kids are around, your dad can surprise and teach the kids how to play the most challenging levels with old-school graphics.

5. Have a picnic

To have a relaxing outdoor Father’s Day, pack up some food, get a blanket and head to a beautiful park with your dad for a picnic. If you’re not near any parks, any old outdoor spot that your dad likes will do. Having a picnic is a pleasant way to celebrate Father’s Day for dads who just want to enjoy the weather, eat, and enjoy a tranquil activity.

6. Go whitewater kayaking

If your dad wants roughly the opposite of a tranquil Father’s Day, chances are you’re only two or three hours away from an especially wild outdoor time. Have an adventurous Father’s Day by going whitewater kayaking with your dad. Depending on what type of rapids you two will ride on, you can have either a pleasantly fun or extremely exhilarating expedition.

7. Take your father to a restaurant

This idea is a tried and true classic: Treat your dad to a scrumptious feast at his favorite restaurant for Father’s Day. Some restaurants offer specials for the holiday, and looking this up beforehand is a great way to save some money. You can either take your dad to a nice, quiet restaurant or a lively eatery with a bar and a live DJ.

How are you going to celebrate Father’s Day? Share your plans in the comments!

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