Start Your Thriving Career in Weight Management With ISSA’s Certified Health + Nutrition Program

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Quick Read: Start your health and wellness career + get guaranteed employment. Follow THIS LINK to get more information.

A big part of my adult life has been spent managing my weight and, recently, I decided I wanted to help others manage their weight, too. That meant venturing into a new career doing something that I’ve come to love! I’m also a new mother with literally no time to spare, so you can probably imagine how hard it is to attend classes and meet tight deadlines with traditional school. That’s why I jumpstarted my new life with ISSA’s Health Coach program, which I completed entirely from home, 100% online, on my own time. 

I loved that ISSA’s programs focus on the building blocks of health and wellness- nutrition, health coaching, and lifestyle. All I had to do was choose one of their three program bundles, each perfectly curated with the courses that will teach me everything I needed to know:

  • Health Coach
  • Health Coach + Nutritionist + Online Coach (Health Coach Elite)
  • Health Coach + Nutritionist + Yoga + Exercise Recovery (Health Coach Master)
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Each of these three programs teach me more about how to facilitate long-term weight loss, and I also learned about health trends, making habit and behavior changes, stress management, nutrition coaching, and much more. Once I completed the courses, I was able to open doors to new opportunities as a health and wellness professional. Health coaches can work at a gym, in corporate wellness, or even start an online health coaching business. The demand for health coaches is on the rise, and more opportunities are becoming available all the time.

I chose ISSA’s Health Coach program to learn more about helping others create healthy habits to live longer and understand how their nutrition impacts their body and life. It was super easy to start, too- pick a program and enroll- that’s it! In just a few clicks, I was ready to go!

A big part of ISSA’s appeal was that all of their study materials and assessments were 100% online with the program moving entirely at my own pace. No homework deadlines, Zoom calls, or exam days! If I missed a few days or could only set aside 20 minutes a day, that was totally okay! The final exam was untimed and open-book, too. Learning with ISSA was as stress-free as it gets.

Once I got my certificate, I was ready to turn my weight management passions into a lifetime of meaningful work. For me, I was able to get my business up and running pretty easily. But if I’d struggled, I could’ve fallen back on ISSA’s job guarantee- If you don’t find work within six months of getting certified, ISSA will find a job for me or you’ll get your money back! Between that and the incredibly reasonable cost of the program –  starting at $99 per month – I knew I was making a smart investment in my future.

Fast forward to now, and I run my own online weight management and health and wellness business. It’s my full-time gig, and I’m working exclusively from home, only when I want to work. I can do what I love on my own terms, take care of my growing family, and both my clients and I are all the better for it. 

If you’re also ready to transform your love of a healthy lifestyle into a career, sign up now, you’ll get a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation kit to find out which ISSA program fits you best. Based on my experience with ISSA, I wouldn’t recommend learning any other way! Merging your health and nutrition passions as you help others every day has never been easier. 

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