Start Your Thriving Career in Weight Management With ISSA’s Certified Health + Nutrition Program

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Quick Read: Start your health and wellness career + get guaranteed employment. Follow THIS LINK to get more information.

Weight management has played a huge role in my life, and recently, I decided I wanted to help others manage their weight too. That meant starting a career in the thing I love most – weight management is my true passion. But I’m also a new mother with virtually no time to spare, so you can probably imagine how hard it is to attend classes and meet tight deadlines. That’s why I jumpstarted my new life through ISSA’s health and nutrition program, which I completed entirely from home, on my own time. 

I loved that ISSA’s programs focused on the building blocks of health and wellness: nutrition, health coaching, and lifestyle. Whichever of the three programs I chose would teach me more about how to facilitate long-term weight loss, and I’d also learn about health trends, habit changes, stress release, nutrition coaching, and much more. Once I completed the course, I could take everything I learned and become a fitness professional, work at a gym, or start my own online coaching business. 

I chose ISSA’s Health + Nutrition program to learn more about helping others create healthy habits and understand healthy nutrition. It was super easy to start, too: I just figured out that Health + Nutrition was my top choice (the other two were Wellness and Online Health + Lifestyle), and then I enrolled. In just a few clicks, I was ready to go!

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A big part of ISSA’s appeal was that all of its study materials and assessments were 100% online, with the program moving entirely at my own pace. If I missed a few days or could only allot 20 minutes a day, that was totally okay! The final exam was untimed and open-book too – ISSA was as low-stress as it gets.

Once I got my certificate, I was ready to fold my weight management passions into a lifetime of meaningful work. That proved to be super easy, but if I’d struggled, I could’ve fallen back on ISSA’s job guarantee. If I hadn’t found work within six months of getting my certification, ISSA would’ve found a job for me, or I would’ve gotten my money back. Between that and the low cost –  $99 per month, with $0 down and no credit checks or administrative fees – I knew I was making a smart investment in my future and my happiness.

Fast forward to now, and I run my own online weight management and health and wellness business. It’s my full-time gig, and I’m working exclusively from home, only when I want to work. This way, I can do what I love on my own terms, and both my clients and I are all the better for it. 
If you too are ready to transform your love of weight management into a career, I couldn’t recommend ISSA more. Plus, when you sign up now, you’ll get a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation kit. Merging your health and nutrition passions with work – all while helping others – has never been this easy.

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