Exercise Anxiety Struggles? Try Out These 3 Workout Styles To Help You Overcome Them

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A lot of us get anxious for a number of reasons, but when you go to a gym it can be a whole other story. You dreaded PE in high school because you were a slow runner and now that you’re older, you now have to deal with the anxiety of going to a gym and seeing all the #fitfluencers jogging on treadmills, lifting ungodly amount of weight, and tackling stair climbing like a champ. It can be a scary place, like an elite club that is completely out of your element.

But don’t worry, that’s what this article is for. It’s to help you with confronting those anxiety fears that you have. And the best way to confront them is by simply doing a series of exercises, focusing on one exercise per week. Below we share some tips that can help you in getting into the mood and doing them properly.

The first exercise that can help a lot is doing cardio. For many, this is something that people dread. From leg problems to simply using the excuse that they’re not a good runner. But none of that really matters if your goal is to change how you view exercise and to actually do it. I’ll admit, it is scary at first, but one the easiest and best ways to really get into running is to use a training plan. As many runners will suggest, it doesn’t have to be technical and can be as basic as a walk/run program, which is a program with periods of both running and walking. And while it sounds simple and you might think you’re not getting much out of them, that’s a common occurrence. Running is that simple and you can get a lot of benefits from doing something as basic as that.

The second exercise is strength training. Some people may have experience with it and it might not have ended well. Going to most gyms, you’ll likely find swole and sweaty men lifting 50+ pounds, grunting and staring at you. It can be scary when it’s put that way, but one of the biggest tricks to getting around that anxiety is by putting yourself into the mindset that others are looking at you and you’re doing this for yourself. Women especially can feel intimated and this trick can do wonders. In terms of exercising, the ideal exercises you want to be looking at are squats, deadlifts, and lunges.

The final aspect is fitness classes. Working out alone can be difficult and for some people they find comfort amongst other people. Especially if those people are at your skill level. It introduces another dynamic and can lift you up as well. As a starter, it might be wise to jump into the deep end and try a class you never tried before. From yoga, to spinning classes, they can provide quite a challenge for you. But if that’s not your cup of tea, then it might be nice to treat yourself on this final week with a class where you’re doing some familiar exercises, but still challenging.

Exercising is key to living a healthier life. In a sense, exercising is a form of self-love despite the fact you’re putting yourself through pain. But despite that pain, at the end of the day, you’ll certainly feel happier, and perhaps after these three weeks you’ll feel more fulfilled too. So try this out. It could change your life.

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