Five Simple New Year’s Resolution Ideas

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For many people, the start of a new year comes with the opportunity to set New Year’s resolutions and begin embarking on a new set of goals. For other people, figuring out a goal is significantly more challenging. If you’re interested in making a change but don’t yet know what that change should be, consider these five simple New Year’s resolution ideas.

1. Eat healthier

Eating healthier is among the most common New Year’s resolution ideas. This can mean cutting out desserts, sugary snacks, and other foods that taste great but are bad for you. It doesn’t have to mean immediately forgoing your favorite sweet treats – as with any New Year’s resolution, you should consider gradually phasing out unhealthy foods instead of abruptly going cold turkey. Keep in mind that there are plenty of healthy snacks with which you can replace unhealthy snacks!

2. Gain or lose weight

Another especially common New Year’s resolution is to gain or lose weight. For some people, trying to change their weight is a matter of body image, one advanced by a society rife with harmful messaging that says only one body type is attractive. Other people might seek to gain weight, since this can be a sign of building additional muscle, a bodily change that comes with no shortage of benefits. Whatever your weight goal is, changing your lifestyle too drastically at once will likely prove deflating, so gradually work in exercise, muscle-promoting dietary shifts, and any other new habits.

3. Reel in spending

Human wants and needs are seemingly limitless. People who enjoy devices, clothes, cookware, and other items that are nice but not utterly necessary may find themselves spending more money purchasing these things than they’d like. If this sounds like you, then consider a New Year’s resolution that involves reducing your luxury spending. If you don’t absolutely need that new speaker system, sweater, or fancy kitchen gadget, pocket the money you’d spend on it and use it toward your monthly bills (or just save it).

4. Cut back on alcohol

Some people might struggle to imagine a fun weekend that doesn’t involve at least one drink, even if it’s just a lightly alcoholic beer. Alcohol, though, is in no way good for you – there’s a reason brutal hangovers often follow drinking – and drinks can be expensive, especially when you don’t make them at home. For both your body and your budget, cutting back on alcohol may prove an especially wise New Year’s resolution. Believe it or not, having fun while you’re sober isn’t that hard.

5. Step away from social media

Many studies have correlated social media use with poorer mental health. Experts on how social media companies sell user data to make money have gone so far as to say that social media use may even be dangerous and invasive of users’ basic privacy rights. To protect your information and your mental health in the new year, consider gradually stepping away from social media. Since this goal may seem especially overwhelming, be sure to read up on how to achieve it before getting started.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Sound off in the comments!

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