Start Your Thriving Career in Nutrition and Diet Coaching With ISSA’s Health and Wellness Programs

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After years of bouncing among fad diets and meal plans, I realized that the ideal food choices aren’t quite the same for any two people. It’s really all about nutrition and what works for your body – and recently, I decided I wanted to help others realize that too. But that meant going to school again, and I needed a program I could go through on my own terms since I’m a big-time traveler. That’s why I jumpstarted my new life in nutrition and diet coaching with ISSA’s Health and Wellness Programs, the easiest, most flexible way to start an amazing health career. 

My hope with ISSA was to take everything I learned from my personal experience – and my ISSA course – and turn it into an online nutrition and diet coaching business. I wanted to help others feel their best both inside and out through a sustainable diet, and ISSA made it easy to start learning more. Even signing up was a breeze – all I had to do was choose one of their three programs (Health + Nutrition, Wellness, or Online Health + Lifestyle), then enroll. Within a minute, I had everything I needed to begin my new journey. 

My ISSA program focused on health coaching, nutrition, and lifestyle, with additional lessons on stress management, habit changes, health trends, and so much more. Plus, since my program was entirely online, I could move through it at my own pace, so I could study anywhere, anytime – the airport at night, the beach in the morning, you name it. And if I wanted to close my laptop and enjoy my vacation, I could rest assured knowing I didn’t miss a deadline.

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Once I got my certificate, I was super excited to take my passion for sustainable living and turn it into a meaningful career. I could work at a gym, become a fitness professional, or start my own online coaching business! Of course, I launched my own online nutrition and diet company so I could keep traveling.

Starting my own business proved easy – I have the passion, and thanks to ISSA, I had the smarts. But if I struggled, I could’ve relied on ISSA’s job guarantee, and that was reassuring. If I couldn’t find a job within six months of getting my certification, ISSA would’ve found one for me or given me my money back. Plus, ISSA’s programs are only $99 a month, with $0 down and no administrative fees or credit checks – talk about a smart investment!

Now that I’m certified and I’m doing what I love, I can genuinely say I’ve created my dream life. It’s amazing to hear and see the nutrition and diet transformations my clients have made through their journey with me. I love knowing that I can help other people through my job, all while working remotely and on my own time. 

If you’re ready to transform your love of nutrition and diet into a career, I couldn’t recommend ISSA more. Plus, when you sign up now, you’ll get a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation kit. Merging your passion for health and wellness with a meaningful career has never been this easy. 

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