6 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

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Your metabolism is the culmination of all chemical processes happening inside your body at any given moment. Waste management, converting food to energy, and creating essential biomolecules are our main metabolic functions. Our health and wellness are highly dependent on our ability to metabolize the fuel we put into our bodies. Here are seven ways to boost your metabolism.

1. Get fit

When you’re inactive, muscle burns three times more calories in a day than fat. Strength training in the morning can thus boost your metabolic rate by activating your muscles all over your entire body for the whole day. 

If you exercise regularly, getting more sleep can increase the rate at which your body builds muscles. High protein diets and a diet that results in a calorie surplus will also help your body create more muscle faster. 

Resistance bands are a lightweight, space-efficient tool for aerobic work and strength training. Lifting weights can help counter the metabolic drop experienced while losing weight.

2. Aerobic

High-intensity interval aerobic training boosts your metabolism for a few hours after your workout. Try mixing jogging and sprints into your morning or afternoon walk. Calisthenic exercises like wall-sits, planks, and jumping jacks are perfect for increasing the rate of your body’s processes. A run in the summer heat burns more calories and can be an exciting challenge!

3. Drink water

Drinking water first thing in the morning revitalizes the organs and gets them working right away. In fact, our bodies use water to process calories. 

Try snacking on fruits that naturally contain water, and avoid salty or sweet snacks, which lead to dehydration. Studies show that people who drink more cold water burn more calories. Your body will expend energy to heat cold water, and this response can raise your metabolism. Try drinking a big glass of water half an hour before dinner!

4. Eat snacks

Large meals slow your body down, and small, healthy snacks every few hours can prevent this problem. Proper snacking throughout the day can lead to smaller meals for people looking to maintain a calorie deficit in the safest way possible.

5. Spices

Spicy foods have natural chemicals that speed up metabolic processes, helping you burn more calories idly. Chili peppers contain capsaicin, a compound that makes you feel more satisfied and suppresses your hunger response. Fenugreek seed can also control appetite and reduce fat intake by over 10 percent! Ginger root is also known to lower fat absorption and raise metabolism.

6. Protein

Your body uses less energy digesting fats and carbs than it does when it’s trying to digest protein. Tofu, beef, poultry, and nuts are all high-protein choices that can help build muscle fast and help you feel satisfied longer. Protein powders with casein can extend the amount of time during which your body builds up muscles after a workout. Try dairy products like cottage cheese and Greek yogurt for a similar effect.

What are your favorite ways to boost your metabolism and stay healthy? Sound off in the comments!

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